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Your Health and Fitness

Five health and fitness tips for a healthier 2018 Our Fort Worth and Grapevine obgyns are here to help you achieve optimal health. In 2018, our physicians urge you to take control of your health and fitness. Follow our health and fitness tips in 2018 for a healthy year and life Healthy habits pay dividends […]

Gynecology Women's Integrated Healthcare

The Importance of Physical Activity

Understanding the importance of physical activity Want to feel your best? Physical activity can help. Women of all ages should add physical activity to their daily routine to improve and maintain good health. Most women, including pregnant women, can exercise safely. Anyone who has concerns should talk with our Grapevine and Alliance obgyns before beginning […]

Women's Integrated Healthcare

Food Safety During Pregnancy

5 important tips about food safety during pregnancy Our Southlake obgyns want you to know about food safety during pregnancy. You may not be aware that you are more susceptible during pregnancy to foodborne illnesses caused by parasites, bacteria and viruses. If you contract a foodborne illness while you’re pregnant, it can lead to complications […]

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Prevent UTIs

6 steps you can take to prevent UTIs Do you cringe when you think about UTIs? Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, occur in the urinary tract and are caused by bacteria. It isn’t always possible to prevent UTI’s and their annoying symptoms of urgency, burning and frequency of urination. However, our Fort Worth and Grapevine […]

Gynecology Women's Integrated Healthcare

Genitourinary Syndrome

Genitourinary syndrome, the menopausal problem women may not know about Menopause can make you want to swear off sex. The decrease in levels of estrogen and other hormones after menopause causes changes to the vagina that can cause genital and urinary symptoms in women. This condition is known as genitourinary syndrome. Our Grapevine and Alliance […]

Gynecology Women's Integrated Healthcare

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