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Pack the essentials for your hospital stay as you welcome baby.

The big day is almost here. You’ve been waiting many months to meet your baby. The rollercoaster of emotions, the discomfort, the anticipation and all the preparations have led you here. Your baby is days away from coming. But, do you have everything you need during your hospital stay? 

The countdown is on: It's almost time for baby to arrive.

The countdown is on. Are you ready for the hospital?

Pack a Hospital Go Bag

The thought of a comprehensive, everything-you-could-possibly-need hospital bag can sound overwhelming. But take comfort in the knowledge of many women who’ve gone before you and conquered the hospital go bag.

We’ve compiled a list of necessities and nice-to-haves for your pregnancy hospital bag. Before the big day comes, be prepared by spending time packing your bag.


  • Slippers and socks
  • Robe, nightgowns or pajamas that can unbutton easily for breastfeeding
  • Nursing bras
  • Inexpensive or old underwear that you don’t mind getting ruined
  • Loose, comfy clothes to wear home
  • Flip-flops for the shower


  • Lip balm and body moisturizer
  • Travel shampoo/conditioner
  • Travel hair dryer
  • Hair elastics
  • Nursing pads, nipple cream, maxi pads
  • Eye mask and earplugs for much-deserved relaxation
  • Make-up and skincare products 
  • Glasses and/or contacts 
  • Medications from home if directed by physician


  • Contact list for sharing your big news
  • Phone numbers for anyone helping with the house/pets while you’re gone
  • Your birth plan and any paperwork you’ve been asked to complete by the hospital and/or for insurance


  • Camera/video camera, phone and chargers
  • Pillows
  • Music, books, magazines, games and playing cards
  • Notebook and pen
  • Watch or smartphone with an app to time contractions
  • Movies
  • Water bottle

Baby Items

  • A going-home outfit for baby
  • Approved infant car seat with the base properly installed in your vehicle
  • A few onesies, socks and a hat
  • Cozy blanket 
  • Package of newborn/size small diapers
  • Package of unscented baby wipes

Partner Items

  • Warm clothing in case hospital room is cold
  • Pillows/blankets
  • Money for meals at the cafeteria
  • Laptop
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Change for vending machines

We know this is a long list, and you’re going to need a big bag. But it’s better to be prepared and have the most peaceful experience possible while delivering your baby.

Back at Home: Preparations For Being Gone

Before the big day nears, create a plan that ensures things around the house are taken care of when you’re welcoming a new member to the family. If you have other children or pets, make sure to set up plans for where they can stay in any scenario. Have contacts on hand for this that can respond at a moment’s notice (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). Ask someone you trust to collect your mail and water your plants. If possible, pay bills in advance for peace of mind. With the chaos of delivery day, consider creating a phone tree that engages family members to help spread the good news. 

Checklist for the House: Do You Have These Items Covered While You’re Gone?

  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Mail
  • Lawn care/Sprinklers
  • Security system
  • Thermostat


Delivery day can be a swarm of emotions and craziness, but being prepared ahead of time is a big help for mom, her partner and loved ones.

Enjoy the big day, and relax in the peace of knowing what you need is in your bag.


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