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Welcome to Women’s Integrated Healthcare’s Patient Resources Page

Keeping our patients informed is a top priority for our physicians and staff. We make every attempt to provide women with the resources and information they need to become active, informed advocates for their healthcare.

We encourage our patients to get involved and ask questions. The more women know, the more confident they will be that they are seeking out and receiving the best possible care. Our Grapevine and Alliance ObGyns and staff encourage questions and urge patients to let us know if there is any information they need that is not currently available in our Patient Resources.

Prior to your obgyn appointment, access patient resources and online forms

When you call to schedule your obgyn appointment, our office staff will inform you about any forms you need to fill out and bring to your first appointment. You can request forms to be mailed to you prior to your appointment, or you may access them through our convenient patient portal.

There are several other actions you can take when you access our patient resources. Take advantage of:

  • Billing – View statements and pay bills.
  • Lab results – View test results and access other health data.
  • Updates – Provide our staff with updates to your personal information.
  • Communicate – Send secure messages to our staff.

Education classes provide patients with confidence and information

We know that mothers and fathers-to-be have a lot of questions and concerns. Our best resources are our Grapevine and Alliance ObGyns and staff, but we also offer resources that you can access any time of day. To that end, we provide helpful links to information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, in addition to the extensive information on our website.

Classes are important resources, too. They provide invaluable information, along with an opportunity to meet and share pregnancy and parenting ideas and concerns. Classes address subjects such as:

  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Basic baby care
  • Parenting

We provide information women can trust

The internet offers many resources, but not all of them provide women with accurate information about women’s health. Women can rely on the information provided on our website and any links we post. Our blog is another trusted resource for patients.

Women who learn more about their health by using reliable resources and asking questions are doing something wonderful for themselves. Women’s health needs and concerns change as they move through every phase of life – the teen years, young adulthood, pregnancy and menopause. Our Grapevine and Alliance ObGyns encourage women to access our resources and ask questions. Contact us today.

Embrace Prenatal Care

Our highly trained, experienced ObGyns provide prenatal care for routine and high-risk pregnancy patients. Call on our all-female team.

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