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Turn to our Fort Worth and Grapevine ObGyn teams for adolescent gynecology care

If you have a daughter who is a pre-teen or teenager, chances are puberty has begun and you are watching her grow into a young woman. The hormonal changes that accompany puberty lead to personal changes for your daughter – from the development of acne and breasts to the start of her period and mood swings. A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women’s health care and is uniquely qualified to talk with your daughter about the changes she is experiencing. Our board-certified physicians in our Fort Worth and Grapevine ObGyn teams at Women’s Integrated Healthcare are trained to discuss and address adolescent gynecology issues.

Visits to our Fort Worth or Grapevine ObGyn team should begin between ages 13 and 15

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends scheduling a first well-woman visit with a gynecologist when a girl is between ages 13 and 15.

Most girls in the United States start their menstrual cycle between the age of 12 and 14, some earlier and some later.

Your daughter’s first visit with our Fort Worth or Grapevine ObGyn team may only involve the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about her body and how to stay healthy.

Unless she is sexually active, there is no need to have a pelvic exam.

Like your annual well-woman visit, a nurse will be present. If it makes your daughter feel more comfortable, you are welcome to stay in the room.

Period problems that require a visit to our Fort Worth or Grapevine ObGyn team

The start of your daughter’s period may cause discomfort and menstrual cramps. According to ACOG, your daughter should visit our Fort Worth or Grapevine ObGyn team if she has not started her period by age 15 or she is experiencing problem periods.

  • Periods that are regular each month and then stop being regular
  • Periods more frequent than 21 days or less frequent than 45 days
  • Periods 90 days apart (even if this happens only once)
  • Periods lasting more than 7 days
  • Periods accompanied by heavy bleeding (having to change pads or tampons more than once every 1 to 2 hours)
  • Periods accompanied by bad cramps that affect regular activities and pain relievers do not help

Adolescent gynecology includes sexual topics and education

After puberty, your daughter may begin to have sexual feelings. This is never an easy topic for parents to discuss with their teenagers, and we are here to help. Our Fort Worth and Grapevine ObGyn teams are trained to talk about such adolescent gynecology issues.

  • Sexuality and safe sex
  • Birth control
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and infections
  • STDs prevention and the HPV vaccine

Rely on our Fort Worth and Grapevine ObGyn teams to build a healthy foundation

Part of growing up is learning how to take care of yourself. Helping your daughter build a healthy foundation for her future involves starting a relationship with her gynecologist now.

Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are all important stages in a woman’s life. Help your daughter get a head start on adolescent gynecology issues. Contact our Fort Worth or Grapevine ObGyn team at Women’s Integrated Healthcare today to schedule an appointment.


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