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6 steps you can take to prevent UTIs

Prevent UTIsDo you cringe when you think about UTIs? Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, occur in the urinary tract and are caused by bacteria. It isn’t always possible to prevent UTI’s and their annoying symptoms of urgency, burning and frequency of urination. However, our Fort Worth and Grapevine ObGyns have some recommendations to help stop UTIs before they start.

Six good habits you should adopt to help prevent UTIs

  1. Drink up

    Water is your friend in the fight to prevent UTIs. Our ObGyns encourage you to drink six to eight glasses of water each day.

  2. Practice good hygiene

    You’ve heard that you need to wipe yourself from front to back, but you may not know the reason. Wiping from back to front can spread bacteria to the urinary tract and cause an infection.

  3. Avoid feminine products

    Feminine products such as douches, deodorants and scented soaps aren’t necessary to keep your vaginal area clean. Simply wash the skin in your genital area, including your anus, with water to prevent UTIs.

  4. Empty things out

    During your busy day, you may wait to urinate. It’s important that you urinate as soon as you feel the urge, which is usually every two or three hours. In addition, you should take enough time in the bathroom to ensure that you are emptying your bladder completely.

  5. Get out of bed

    You may love to cuddle after sex, but you should go to the bathroom first. You can prevent UTIs by making a trip to the bathroom to empty your bladder both before and after sex. Your urinary tract will thank you.

  6. Get loose

    Avoid wearing tight pants and underwear that can trap moisture, setting up the perfect environment for bacteria to breed.

Our Fort Worth and Grapevine ObGyns are here to help you prevent UTIs. Contact us for an appointment.


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