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In a COVID-19 world, prepare for your summer vacations wisely.

Family driving in car with teen childrenSummer is upon us, and with it brings the urge to travel. As more people are vaccinated against COVID-19 and restrictions are loosening, many families are celebrating with post-pandemic summer vacations. 

Here are some tips for traveling with your kids this summer:

Road Trip Pit Stops for Kids

If you’re taking a road trip, this typically means many hours in the car. Take the time to schedule some kid-friendly pit stops rather than just the gas stations. On long car rides, kids often have a lot of built-up energy, and a quick trip to the restroom while mom or dad fills the car won’t be enough to get their wiggles out. Along with your fuel and meal stops, look for unique and fun places to stop that will allow the whole family to stretch their legs and burn some of that pent-up energy. If it’s hard to find a park or other fun spot, spend some time at a play zone inside a fast food restaurant.  

You Can’t Have Too Many Snacks on Trips with Kids

It’s human nature to become grumpy when you’re hungry. A grumpy child can make a car ride seem much longer than it needs to be. Whether you’re in the car, at the beach, or camping, it’s a good idea to have plenty of healthy snacks on hand, like cheese sticks, fruit, whole grain crackers, beef jerky and granola bars. Research has shown that high amounts of sugar can make kids hyper. But if you’re a parent, you probably already know that! 

Road Trip Car Activities

Before you leave, stock the car with as many activities as possible. Try hanging an organizer on the back of the driver and passenger seats that you can fill with activities like Play-Doh, drawing pads and colored pencils or markers, puzzles and books. Some organizers even come with a fold down tray that becomes a table for each child. 

If you’re flying to your destination, fill a backpack with games and activities to keep everyone occupied.

Let Your Kids Set the Pace

Often, a vacation can become stressful as we rush to see every sight and do every activity. This is also stressful for your child. Try taking some days to let your child’s pace dictate how much you do. Even if you don’t get to see and do everything, your children won’t burn out or throw tantrums. 

Summer Travel During COVID

Continue to follow CDC guidelines while you’re traveling this summer. Remember that each state has different requirements regarding masks and distancing. If you’re traveling with children who have not been vaccinated, it’s a good idea for them to continue wearing masks. It’s better to be outside than inside if you’re traveling to areas with large groups of people. 


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