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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, We Discuss The CDC Face Mask Guidelines

family wearing face masksThere has been a lot of confusion and outright debate about the use of masks in public as all states with stay-at-home orders are now either open or slowly opening amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

On April 16, 2020, The Dallas Morning News reported that Dallas County was requiring the use of masks at essential businesses and on public transportation. Then, on May 12, WFFA Channel 8 reported that the Texas Attorney General argued that the city of Dallas couldn’t make masks a requirement as it was in conflict with Governor Greg Abbott’s executive orders in responding to the pandemic.

The long and short of it: Some businesses are requiring masks, and some aren’t. Therefore, as we go out into public, we see a mix of mask wearers and non wearers. We hear many heated opinions in our social media feeds. The information has become confusing and at times overwhelming.

So, what should we do?

Should We Wear Masks During COVID-19?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, covering the face does help slow the spread of the virus and may help stop transmission from those who have it and don’t know it. They recommend the use of a cloth face covering or mask in public settings when social distancing isn’t easy to maintain. This would include places like grocery stores or pharmacies. 

If you’re taking a walk in the park, there’s no need for a mask. Enjoy the air on your face! 

The CDC gives the following recommendations for how your mask should be worn and maintained. Cloth face coverings should:

  • Fit securely to the side of the face
  • Be tied snugly or looped around ears
  • Have multiple layers of fabric
  • Not restrict breathing
  • Be able to be laundered and dried without losing shape 

It’s important to note that a mask is not a substitute for any of the other precautions we should all still be taking (social distancing, limiting crowds, frequently washing hands, etc,). 

As the debates continue from a policy perspective, we must continue to do our part from a public health perspective. We all want life to return to normal as soon as possible. We want our economy to be as functional and as strong as possible. We want our kids and elderly to be safe and protected. We want our schools and churches and sports arenas open. So, let’s do our part and follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC and our health experts. Stay abreast of local mandates for the latest information that applies to you and your city/county.

Visit the CDC website for more guidelines and tips on making face coverings. 


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