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Four important decisions to make before giving birth

Our Grapevine and Fort Worth ObGyns encourage women to make a birth plan to ensure that they have the labor, delivery and birthing experience they want. With that in mind, we’re highlighting four important decisions to make before giving birth.

  1. What kind of atmosphere will you prefer during labor and delivery? This is one of the first decisions to make before giving birth.

    It’s important for you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during labor and delivery. Think about who you want present during labor and delivery, and what items – music, extra pillows, audiobooks – would make you feel comfortable.

  2. It’s important to make decisions about your labor and delivery experience. There are many decisions to make before giving birth.

    For example, would you like to watch your baby’s birth? Do you want to give birth in a certain position?Do you want your partner to be with you if you need a C section? Do you want to avoid fetal monitoring during labor?

  3. You need to discuss the type of pain relief, if any, you think you might want during labor and delivery.

    It’s time to talk about the kinds of labor and delivery pain relief methods you want before, during and after delivery. You may consider epidural and spinal blocks, local anesthesia during the delivery, or no pain relief methods at all to experience natural childbirth.

  4. Finally, when the baby is born, there are decisions about his or her care that you should make before giving birth.

    Some important decisions to make before giving birth are related to what happens to your baby right after he or she is born. There are several things to think about.

    • Do you want your partner or someone else to cut the umbilical cord?
    • Are you planning on cord blood banking?
    • Would you like for the baby to be laid on your chest immediately after birth?
    • Are you interested in circumcision for your male child?

During pregnancy, we know there is a lot to consider. We hope that knowing in advance some important decisions to make before giving birth will help make your experience better for you, your partner and your baby. Contact us for more information about obstetrics care.


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