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Natural childbirth involves labor management without pain medication

Giving birth is a natural process, and many women consider going through labor and delivery without medication for their pain. During natural childbirth, the mother usually learns breathing and relaxation techniques prior to giving birth, and she uses these methods to help manage her labor and delivery.

Natural childbirth is a personal choice

Our Grapevine ObGyns support patients’ individual choices when it comes to labor management. Every woman chooses natural childbirth for her own personal reasons, and we are happy to discuss all aspects of labor management with you. Many women make this choice because they believe labor and delivery are natural processes, and they want to experience it with no medications and as few medical interventions as possible. This usually means they do not want epidurals or other pain medications, and they may also prefer not to have continuous fetal monitoring or other interventions unless it is deemed absolutely essential for their babies’ safety.

How to prepare for labor and delivery

Our Grapevine ObGyns and staff are happy to answer your questions about any classes and methods of natural childbirth you may want to explore. There are many options when it comes to relaxation during natural childbirth.

  • Relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing, yoga or meditation
  • Walking or changing positions during labor to get more comfortable
  • Massage or counter pressure applied by a coach, doula or nurse
  • Listening to music or practicing visual imagery

Each pregnancy, labor and delivery is as unique as each mother and baby. Even when you prepare and do everything possible to experience natural childbirth, complications may occur that require intervention for mother and baby.

In addition, a mother may experience more pain than she anticipated and decide that she would prefer to receive some pain relief. When this happens, no one needs to feel any guilt. Our Grapevine ObGyns share the same goal you do—the birth of a happy, healthy baby to a happy, healthy mother. At the end of the day, that is the most important goal on which to focus.

If you are looking for an ObGyn team that provides excellent prenatal care and support for the type of labor and delivery plan you choose, contact us.

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