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Making an informed decision about cord blood banking and your newborn

One of the things you will need to consider before your baby is born is whether or not you want to store your newborn’s cord blood. Our Grapevine ObGyns provide information to help our patients to make an informed decision about cord blood banking for your family’s personal use.

Why do people choose to pursue cord blood banking?

There are several reasons that people choose cord blood banking instead of donation or not saving the cord blood at all.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offers three important facts for your consideration.

  • Currently, stem cells from cord blood can be used to treat approximately 70 childhood and adult diseases, including certain hereditary conditions and disease that affect the immune system.
  • Many people view this process as they would an insurance policy—it’s there in case you need it, providing you peace of mind about the future.
  • Regenerative medicine is only possible with one’s own stem cells, so donated cells cannot be used.

Cord blood donation is also an option. The child’s cord blood is collected and stored in a federally regulated public cord bank where it is made available to any member of the public instead of being saved exclusively to be used by you and your family.

What to expect if you choose private cord blood banking

Collecting cord blood does not harm mother or baby. The blood is collected from the umbilical cord after it is clamped off. Once the blood is collected, the patient makes arrangements to have it sent to their chosen facility for cord blood banking. The facility tests the cord blood to determine whether or not it can be used in the future. If so, the blood is stored for your family’s personal use only.

Making storage arrangements can take up to eight weeks, so you cannot procrastinate if you think you want to try cord blood banking. Begin investigating the facility you would like to use a few months before your scheduled delivery date.

Our Grapevine ObGyns are happy to discuss the pros and cons of cord blood banking with you; however, patients have to make their own arrangements. We do charge a fee when we collect cord blood for private banking.

The Texas Department of State Health Services provides a brochure, “Information on Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Donation,” and a link to blood banks that offer private cord blood banking. Go to http://dshs.texas.gov/mch/default.shtm#Umbilical2.

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