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Partner with our Southlake and Fort Worth ObGyn team to create a custom labor management plan

Whether you are expecting your first baby or pregnant with your third child, preparing for labor and childbirth can cause feelings of anxiety and stress. The all-female practitioners at Women’s Integrated Healthcare understand the importance of developing a labor management and birth plan. Our Southlake and Fort Worth ObGyn team spends time with each patient near the end of pregnancy to answer questions, listen to concerns and review labor management options.

Explore labor management choices in our Southlake and Fort Worth ObGyn practice

Just as no two pregnancies are the same, the experience of labor varies greatly from woman to woman. Some individuals only need focused breathing exercises to endure childbirth, while others may request pain medication. In our Southlake and Fort Worth ObGyn offices, we will provide details about the different alternatives so that you can make an informed decision before you go into labor.

A brief overview of labor management options

In planning for your upcoming birth, consider the pros and cons of various labor management techniques. Generally, your Southlake or Fort Worth ObGyn will discuss the following choices.

Natural childbirth Many patients choose to explore options such as relaxation exercises, deep breathing, use of focal points, meditation, changing positions and other suggestions to minimize pain and promote working with your body’s natural processes. Often, childbirth classes will cover specifics about techniques such as Lamaze and the Bradley method.

Pain medication injections During labor, your Southlake or Fort Worth ObGyn may order medications to lessen your pain and allow you to rest. These drugs can affect your entire body, as well as cause lethargy in the baby, so we only prescribe them in the early stages of labor.

Local anesthesia Your physician may utilize local anesthesia to numb an area in or around the vagina; however, local anesthesia does not relieve the discomfort of labor.

Regional anesthesia Also called an epidural, regional or spinal, this type of anesthesia stops pain in a wide section of the body while the patient remains completely awake. If you choose an epidural, an anesthesiologist will administer medicine near the nerves in your lower back to limit feeling from the waist down.

General anesthesia Typically, our Southlake and Fort Worth ObGyn team does not suggest general anesthesia because patients are completely asleep and cannot see their babies immediately after birth. Our physicians usually reserve general anesthesia for emergency situations.

As you prepare for the birth of your child, the entire team at our Southlake and Fort Worth ObGyn practice stands ready to offer the support you need. We will partner with you to create a labor management and birth plan that addresses your needs. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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