Women's Integrated Healthcare: OBGYN Located In Southlake and Ft. Worth Texas
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We are women helping women in our all-female practice

Our Grapevine and Fort Worth obgyns have an all-female practice. Each of our offices is staffed exclusively with female physicians and staff. Because we are women just like you, we can relate to your problems and concerns. We strive to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

At our all-female practice, we pay attention to your concerns

When you come for your appointments at our all-female practice, we encourage honest communication with our obgyns. We believe that you may feel more at ease and better able to ask questions with a female physician or staff member. It may also make you feel more relaxed during examinations and procedures.

Our Grapevine and Fort Worth obgyns care about all of your life stages

Our physicians care about the problems and concerns you encounter at every age. In our all-female practice, we treat women’s illnesses such as endometriosis, recurrent UTIs, vaginal yeast infections and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). If you require gynecological surgery, you can rely on our highly trained and experienced obgyns. They perform minimally invasive and robotic surgery, meaning less hospitalization, fewer complications and faster recovery time than traditional, open surgery.

Our physicians and staff provide outstanding care for mothers-to-be

When you begin thinking about becoming pregnant, make an appointment at our all-female practice for preconception counseling. This appointment is the ideal time to discuss nutrition, how to optimize fertility, lifestyle changes you may need to make and genetic issues we may need to address.

When you are pregnant, regular pregnancy office visits will keep you healthy until your baby arrives. From prenatal tests, to labor management, our Grapevine and Fort Worth obgyns are with you for every step of your routine or high-risk pregnancy.

Your wellness is our primary concern

The annual well-woman exam is the cornerstone of your good health. At our all-female practice, your physician will ask questions about your overall health, perform an examination and discuss any health screenings you may need. Depending on your age and risk factors, you may benefit from cancer screening, BRCA testing, mammograms or bone density testing. We will also discuss subjects ranging from lifestyle and weight management, to stress management and sexual health. This visit is usually longer than other appointments, and it provides an opportunity to strengthen the physician/patient relationship.

Our all-female practice offers you compassionate healthcare

At our all-female practice, we urge you to make your health a priority. As women, we know how busy your life is. We understand that you may put yourself last, but you need to be in your best health to take care of the people you love. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our female Grapevine and Fort Worth obgyns.

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