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Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

Pack the essentials for your hospital stay as you welcome baby. The big day is almost here. You’ve been waiting many months to meet your baby. The rollercoaster of emotions, the discomfort, the anticipation and all the preparations have led you here. Your baby is days away from coming. But, do you have everything you […]

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Recovering From a C Section: What to Expect

About 30 percent of women have C sections. Here’s how to prepare. During pregnancy and labor, situations can arise that necessitate a caesarean or “C” section delivery. The physicians at Women’s Integrated Healthcare guide women to understanding when a C section is necessary as the safest measure of delivering their baby.  In the United States, […]


Your Breech Baby

Our Grapevine, Fort Worth ObGyns explain what happens when you carry a breech baby You’re ready to give birth, and you feel like you’re prepared — until your ObGyn tells you that you have a breech baby. For a vaginal birth, the baby is ideally positioned head down, but 3 to 4% of pregnancies involve […]

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Decisions to Make Before Giving Birth

Four important decisions to make before giving birth Our Grapevine and Fort Worth ObGyns encourage women to make a birth plan to ensure that they have the labor, delivery and birthing experience they want. With that in mind, we’re highlighting four important decisions to make before giving birth. What kind of atmosphere will you prefer […]

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