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Infertility affects one in eight couples

Many patients who see our Grapevine and Fort Worth ObGyns worry about their ability to get pregnant. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after having unprotected intercourse for 12 months. Patients should always bring any concerns to our physicians, and a woman should always consult us if she falls under the guidelines below. […]

Women's Integrated Healthcare

Optimizing Natural Fertility

The truth about optimizing natural fertility When you’re ready to get pregnant, you may talk to friends or look to the internet for tips on optimizing natural fertility. Unfortunately there are many myths out there and tips you don’t need to follow, including the ones below. You don’t have to lie flat on your back […]

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Travel during Pregnancy

Planes, trains and automobiles: Travel during pregnancy We live in a busy world, and many women have questions for our Grapevine ObGyns about travel during pregnancy. We’re providing some general information and tips about travel, but every woman’s pregnancy is unique, and she should always consult her physician. General tips for travel during pregnancy Most […]

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4 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding

4 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding Our Southlake and Fort Worth ObGyns recommend that mothers breastfeed their babies during the first six months of life. Breastfeeding has many benefits for both mother and baby. We’ve outlined four things you should know about breastfeeding to highlight the reasons why we recommend it to our patients. […]

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Decisions to Make Before Giving Birth

Four important decisions to make before giving birth Our Grapevine and Fort Worth ObGyns encourage women to make a birth plan to ensure that they have the labor, delivery and birthing experience they want. With that in mind, we’re highlighting four important decisions to make before giving birth. What kind of atmosphere will you prefer […]

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