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Mothers with a multiple pregnancy require extra care and monitoring

A multiple pregnancy is an exciting prospect, one that requires more prenatal visits and care from experienced physicians like our Grapevine obgyns. There are two types of twins – identical twins who are the result of one egg that separates and fraternal twins who come from two eggs. Triplets or higher multiples, sometimes called super twins, can also be identical or fraternal.

What are the symptoms of a multiple pregnancy?

Some women discover that they are having a multiple pregnancy when they have their first ultrasound, but others may discover it after experiencing more intense pregnancy symptoms than women with a single pregnancy.

  • More intense vomiting and nausea
  • More severe breast pain and tenderness
  • Faster weight gain during the first trimester

What steps should mothers take to care for themselves during pregnancy?

Our Grapevine obgyns and our caring staff provide women with recommendations and information throughout their pregnancy to help them have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

  • Extra calories and iron. A mother with a multiple pregnancy requires extra calories and possibly more iron. Our physicians will provide the proper amounts for each woman.
  • Amount of weight to gain. Our physicians will discuss the amount of weight gain with each pregnant woman. It’s recommended that women who are carrying more than one baby gain more weight, but the amount depends on the individual.
  • Mothers of multiples should try to participate in low-impact exercise, such as swimming or walking, unless advised otherwise by our Grapevine obgyns.
  • Regular prenatal care. Mothers need regular prenatal care. A mother with a multiple pregnancy needs to see a physician more frequently, so the pregnancy can be monitored for possible problems.

What are the potential complications of a multiple pregnancy?

A woman who is carrying multiple babies has a higher risk of certain complications than a woman who is carrying one baby. Our Grapevine obgyns have expertise to care for women with a high-risk pregnancy and understand how to treat potential complications.

Preterm labor and birth occurs between week 20 and 36 of pregnancy and is the most common complication for mothers with a multiple pregnancy. A preterm baby is at higher risk for problems at birth and later in life.

Gestational diabetes is diabetes that develops during pregnancy. This condition increases a mother’s risk of developing preeclampsia, a blood pressure disorder that can become quite serious if unmonitored and untreated.

Gestational hypertension is high blood pressure that develops during pregnancy. High blood pressure can develop into preeclampsia.

The risk for a C-section is higher when a woman has a multiple pregnancy. Vaginal births are possible, but it depends on many factors, including the number of babies, their size and health as well as the mother’s health when she gives birth.

Our Grapevine obgyns devote extra time and energy to each woman who has a multiple pregnancy. Our goal is to provide women who are carrying multiple babies with the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible. Women with routine or high-risk pregnancies should contact us for an appointment.

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