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Circumcision is a routine procedure

Parents of male newborns need to discuss whether they want their son to have a circumcision. Physicians recommend that circumcision occurs within 10 days of birth. As the baby gets older, the procedure becomes more complicated. The baby’s pediatrician can perform the circumcision or our Southlake obgyns can recommend a physician to perform the procedure.

How is a circumcision performed?

Circumcision is a quick procedure. The baby will receive anesthesia, which may be a topical cream or an injection. After cleaning the foreskin and penis, the physician attaches a clamp to the penis to clip and remove the foreskin. After the circumcision is complete, the physician places petroleum jelly on the wound and covers it with gauze. When parents choose to have their baby circumcised, the physician will provide them with instructions about aftercare.

The pros and cons of the procedure

Our Southlake obgyns recommend that parents consider the pros and cons of circumcision. Some people will choose the procedure based on their cultural or religious beliefs, but for others it’s a more complicated decision.

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, but that does not mean that physicians universally recommend the procedure. The Academy believes that circumcision is a personal decision best made by the baby’s parents. Here are some of the health benefits of circumcision.

  • The procedure decreases a male’s risk for urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Penile cancer, rare to begin with, occurs less often in circumcised men.
  • Penile irritation, infection and inflammation are more common in uncircumcised men.
  • Circumcision makes the penis easier to clean.

The primary reasons that parents choose not to pursue circumcision for their son are concerns about the baby’s pain and the potential risks. A circumcision is a minor surgical procedure that carries some risk, but complications rarely occur. Potential complications include infections, bleeding or scarring.

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