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What Medicine Can I Take While Pregnant?

A List of Approved Medications For Pregnant Women

Avoid using medications during pregnancy, unless we specifically prescribe one for you; however, occasionally illness or a new medical condition may develop requiring therapy. The following is a list that you may use. There is no need to check with our office before using these medications:


 Approved Pregnancy Medication

 Indication and Symptoms

 Tylenol Fever, muscle aches, headaches
 Gaviscon Heartburn, indigestion
 Maalox Heartburn, indigestion
 Mylanta Heartburn, indigestion
 Riopan Heartburn, indigestion
 Kaopectate Diarrhea
 Imodium Diarrhea
 Throat Lozenges & Sprays Sore throat
 Zicam Early cold symptoms
 Robitussin Cough
 Mucinex Cough
 Mucinex-DM Cough suppressant
 Robitussin-DM Cough suppressant
 Zyrtec Cold or allergy
 Claritin Cold or allergy
 Claritin-D Cold or allergy
 Tavist Cold or allergy
 Tavist-D Cold or allergy
 Benadryl Cold or allergy
 Sudafed Cold or allergy
 Vitamin B6 Nausea
 Nestrex Nausea
 Colace Constipation
 Surfak Constipation
 Benadryl 25 mg Sleep or allergies
 Tylenol PM Sleep or allergies
 CitracalLeg cramps
 Viactiv Leg cramps
 Caltrate Leg cramps
 Tums Indigestion or GERD
 Pepcid AC Indigestion or GERD
 Category “B”
 AntibioticsAntibiotics from the Penicillin,
Macrolide or Cephalosprin class.

Alcohol – Whatever goes into your body affects your baby too. Avoid drinking alcohol while you are pregnant.

Caffeine – In addition, you should avoid consuming a lot of caffeine. Studies have shown that moderate caffeine intake does not affect pregnancy, however, caffeine is a mild diuretic and you need to drink plenty of water.





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