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Your Breech Baby

Our Southlake, Fort Worth ObGyns explain what happens when you carry a breech baby You’re ready to give birth, and you feel like you’re prepared — until your ObGyn tells you that you have a breech baby. For a vaginal birth, the baby is ideally positioned head down, but 3 to 4 percent of pregnancies […]

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Maintaining Your Mental Health During Winter Months

Seasonal affective disorder mixed with a pandemic create extra challenges during “winter blues” months. For many of us, with the winter months can come “the winter blues.” Days are shorter, weather is colder. And with the addition of COVID-19, this winter is like no other. Many have been working from home, isolated due to travel […]

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To Mask or Not to Mask During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, We Discuss The CDC Face Mask Guidelines There has been a lot of confusion and outright debate about the use of masks in public as all states with stay-at-home orders are now either open or slowly opening amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  On April 16, 2020, The Dallas Morning News reported […]

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